5 easy ways to make your Facebook Page stand out

5 easy ways to make your Facebook Page stand out

“In marketing – there is always one winner and usually it’s the brand that stands out and differentiates itself from everyone else”

Millions of small businesses use Facebook Page to reach out to their customers. It has become one of the most profitable way to connect and advertise. However, not all the Facebook Pages are optimized properly to give you the best results. So how do you make your Facebook Page stand out? How do you get the best our of your Facebook page?

Today we list down 5 tweaks that you can easily implement on your Facebook Page to stand out and differentiate from your competitors –

Front Page: Creating the best first impression

Your landing page is the first impression of your Brand. You have to make sure that your front page serves the purpose of presenting your brand in the best way possible.

“First impression is the last impression”

Thus make sure the Facebook Page at the first glance is attractive and communicates what your brand is about. Following are a few ways to make the best first impression –

This is an example of Jon Loomer Digital. You can find out about Jon’s business and page at the first glance. P.S. he is one of the few

Profile Picture and Cover Photo

The profile picture & cover photo are key aspects of Branding your Facebook page. We recommend using your Brand’s Logo for the Profile Picture or if you represent a personal brand we recommend putting up your own professional photo. Having a custom graphics displays the genuineness of your brand.

The cover photo should visually explain what your business does with amount of minimum texts. Moreover, please make sure to follow the right image dimension for the cover photo.

Click on the above photo to find out a detailed image dimension breakdown by Buffer

Username / Vanity URL / Custom URL

Did you know – your Facebook Page name is something that can be searched not only inside the Facebook platform but also in the search engines like Google and Bing? This special SEO visibility makes it easier for customers to find your page. How awesome is that?

You know what is even better? Having your page’s own username and custom url! You can assign Facebook.com/YourBusinessName – depending on first come first serve basis.

By changing the default page url address to a customized one, you are making your brand stand out and proving that your page has a more premium feeling than other pages. Making this small change increases your Brand’s authenticity as well as gives your Brand more authority over other pages.

Click on the above photo to watch a quick tutorial on how to change the default Facebook Url to a Vanity Customized Url

About / Story

The about section description gives visitors more information about your Brand. Most importantly, it provides an opportunity for you to share your Brand Story – and you know what they say about stories – it sells more than a sales pitch.

Make sure you start off with an interesting story to hook your audience.

Call To Action

Your Call To Action “CTA” is arguably the most important part of the page.

Why? Because the CTA guides your potential customer to the action you want them to take. It helps your page visitors to interact with your brand. The CTA button is designed to bring your page’s most important objective to the forefront and provide an awesome way to improve user interactions with your Brand.

You can customize your call to action in your brand’s page depending on your needs.

Click on the above photo to watch a quick tutorial on how to change the default Facebook Call To Action Button

About Section: Tell your story

By the time someone visits the “About” section – they have made the effort to click your ads or post, visit your page and now are showing intent to learn more about your Brand –

The About section is an opportunity for your Brand to create a hook by selling your story. The goal is to make your page look authentic, have a personal feel about it and build a strong relationship with the visitor – something that can relate to.

We recommend including the following in your about section –

  • What is the business about
  • Why do you do what you do – the human element or the passion behind your brand
  • What are the products and services you offer – why? How does it empower or benefit your customers?
  • Who are the people running the business – tell your potential customers about your team, it builds trust


Milestone is a way to show how your brand has grown and evolved throughout time. Milestones can be a very subtle and effective way to flaunt your accomplishments to your audience.

Facebook automatically helps you share your page growth by giving you the option to add milestones for each 1000 page likes. Furthermore, you can put milestones like awards, recognitions and special accomplishments by your brand. Flaunt them – it builds trust and validates your Brand.

Contact Information

This is one of the most important and useful feature of the page. If a potential customer is sold on the idea of your brand, product or service – how do they contact you? A lot of pages miss out on this essential part of information. The contact information is very important as it allows users to get in touch with the page or find more information about the business easily, without a live conversation with the business’s representatives.

To add all the relevant contact information – go to facebook.com/*YourPage*/About, or simply go to the about section.


The phone number of the business is very important, especially for brick and mortar stores to be able to be contacted by potential customers. Make sure you list and display your work hours or available times as well – so that your customers know when it is appropriate to call your business.


Most of the people work during the day. They usually surf the internet or use facebook during non-working hours. Usually, if potential customers cannot call you, then the next action they take is visit your website to find out more about products and services. Make sure the website you listed is current (updated), has a https protocol, loads quickly and points towards the page that is relevant to your customers.


We live in an age where people have the option to choose various form of communication. Some people feel comfortable calling you, some might not have time to call during working hours so they might want to send you an email in the off-hours. Regardless – your business’s email address should be clearly stated


You would be surprised how some customers randomly like to come visit your business. It has happened to us many times – they want to personally check out your office. Moreover, do you know what this means? They have made an effort to check out your business and an even extra effort to come visit you. This type of customers are in love with what your Brand has to offer and would buy your product or services without a lot of convincing. So add your location information and be open to customers.

Activity: Be relevant and active

Have you heard about Facebook new algorithm? The most recent update gives more preference to posts that spark engagement and initiate meaning conversation? Meaning – if your posts are genuine, relevant and engaging – the chances of your posts getting more visibility in the news feed of your followers is high. Your social media marketing strategy needs to be consistent and relevant to get a constant level of engagement.

Below are some more ways to increase engagement in your page.

Post Per Day

If you already did not know – Organic Reach is already at an all time low, as stated by HubSpots’s research. Do not spam your audience or people who like your page by spamming them with various types of posts. The facebook content you should be using is ideally relevant so that it increase engagement consistently. If you are using Facebook Ad, the post engagement type of campaign is a good way to start.

Surprisingly Facebook figured out that Newsfeed space is limited, User’s time is also limited and spamming people with irrelevant click bait links meant users deterring away from using the Facebook platform. To cut things short, we recommend you to focus on quality over quantity, make sure your posts are relevant and engaging. The formula is quite simple.

Average Post Length

Did you know – Posts with 40 characters received 86% more engagement than posts with a higher character count?

Long-form type of facebook posts are very popular nowadays. We are not saying do not write a long posts, we encourage you to. However, just like a blog post, make sure the first few sentences hits the ball out of the park a.k.a. captures the users attention so they finish reading the entire post.

Pages Liked

Dialogue between pages encourage cross-domain interests and increases the chances of improving the overall engagement. If your Page like other Pages in similar industry or Niche, they are more likely to like your page back in return and drive similar audience to your page. It creates a win-win situation.

Native Facebook Videos

Everyone is creating regular text posts, photo posts and link posts – this is nothing new. If you truly want to differentiate and get a higher level of engagement – work on creating original contents that are more visually appealing. Video media is easy to consume and easier to get the message through. Mix it up with Vlogs, instructional videos or tips and tricks. The limits/goals are yours to crush – so start getting creative and engage with your audience with videos.

Responsiveness: Reply to your audience fast enough

Facebook is a Social Media platform, and a Social Media Platform encourages two-way communication. There are three major ways to be responsive to your audience

Users Can Post

Some pages block users from posting on their page – this does not help the page at all. Make sure your page is a resource for your audience to initiate conversations. Moreover, make it very easy for your audience to approach you.

Response Rate and Response Time

Facebook actually gives preference to pages that have a high response rate and also a decent response time.

One way to Increase Response Rate and Response Time is to have auto messages ready, or to even utilize Facebook Messenger Bots to answer Frequently Asked Questions. Utilizing auto responses and Facebook Messenger Bots will bump up your page response rate to lighting fast. Moreover, you will also earn the fast response badge to show off on your page.

Engagement: Engage with your audience

People Talking about this Page, Total Page Likes and Engagement Rate

Social Proof is one of the most important aspects of Digital Marketing. The amount of engagement in your Facebook Page shows your social proof. Yup – you guessed it right -the higher the engagement, the higher the social proof and higher social proof means higher trustability in your Brand.

For a completely new visitor of your Page – if they see lots of people engaging – they like to join in and contribute – it gives them the confidence to engage. If you plan to sell product or services from your Facebook Page, then make sure you have sufficient Social Proof. A lot of brand steer towards running engagement based campaigns initially to build social proof and then only start making sales proposition. Always remember – consumers buy from brands they trust.

(Update: Seems like Likealyzer has shut down) So with that, we are at the end to the list, now to verify if you have implemented all of the above, please visit https://likealyzer.com/. You can enter your Facebook Page address to get a quick check on how your page is doing. Following is an example of a Page we analyzed – look how they are generally performing very well.

Get a quick scan of your Facebook Page and see how it is performing using Likalyzer

Like any other activity that brings you audience – consistency is the key. Keep on posting relevant contents and building engagements. Before you know it – your Facebook Page will be one of your best digital assets.

How are you differentiating your Facebook Page from your competitors? What are the tips and tricks you use to make your Facebook page stand out? We would love to hear from you.